"Laboratorio Riciclo Pelle" is an artisanal project conceived in 2021 from a melting pot of different lifestyles, emotions and energies in between Venice and its countryside, 100% Made in Italy.

It was born with the aim of creating unique items by using already existing leathers, sourced from production scraps of other companies, which would otherwise be thrown away.

"Laboratorio Riciclo Pelle" believes in the importance of recycling and reusing by promoting a sustainable production system without waste and with the aim of creating an eco-friendly fashion environment without losing the luxury of leather that we love.

Some of our products go as far as being made from patching up our own leather cutouts that are left behind in our artisanal production process.

The project involves the collaboration of local expert craftsmen that helped us to make accessories such as our signature Marasso buckle.

This is about creating, giving another life to what already had one. we don't want to make clothes, we want to make seasonless lifestyle. 

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